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For our customers

Lowest Prices

Estays guarantees the best hotel rates in both cities and regional destinations in SA- ranging from small family hotels to luxury hotels.

Secure booking

Estays reservation system is secure. your credit card and personal information are encrypted. We operate with high standards and guarantee your privacy.

For our suppliers

Estays provides a cost-effective commission-based model. We offer a personalized account management service to help you optimize your revenue.

Dear supplier, you will be always in control of your rates and allotment via our website. You will be also back up by our customer service center.

It is free to be one of our suppliers. We can help you to sell easily more and more rooms via our secure website.

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About our website

Our website offers some of the great features that can help you shop your room without difficulty. By browsing our site you will be able to:

1- Choose a city that you are interested to visit.

2- Browse accommodation and compare their features and services.

3- Browse prices for each accommodation per night.

4- Make a reservation a head of your trip. Our website display prices for each accommodation for 2 months in advance.

5- pay online and receive your reservation information via email.

6- Use different payments options

7- Make a quick search for accommodation features that you interested in such as (swimming pool, kitchen, gym……etc ).

8- Choose a language that you prefer(Arabic, english)

9- View the exact location for your accommodation via our maps feature.

10- Pictures gallery, where you can browse each accommodation pictures.